"I would like not to have odor incidents due to my plant operation"

Move ahead of complaints and avoid odor impacts.


When you get a phone call mentioning that there is an odor incident, there is already no margin to modify your process. 


PrOlor works as an early warning system that guarantees sufficient notice in the event of an odor problem, this way you can prepare your odor control systems beforehand. 


I would like not to have odor incidents due to my plant operation.

"I would like not to have odor incidents due to my plant operations"

Use the backtrajectory module of PrOlor to overcome the “memory effect”.

"The neighbors blame me to be responsible for generating odors ALWAYS"

Reduce the time needed to stop and contain the associated risk.

"I am concerned about work-related accidents"

Keep your good company image and maintain the good relations with your neighbors.

"My company has build a good reputation among my clients/neighbors/citizens"

Think ahead to a time with new technologies.

"I want to become an industry 4.0."

Foster the sustainable production, making a more effective use of energy and materials.

"I want to be as committed to the environment as I am to our product/services and to our customers"

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