Many of the original subsidy and incentive programs have started to come to an end, which means that the industry as a whole has become more reliant on the overall business case and economics behind building and operating new plants. 

The demand for innovative, cost effective, reliable and sustainable plant components has never been greater as plant builders, owners and operators look to do their job in the most efficient manner possible.

Allocate resources to abate odors at all time is a very inefficient way to control the environmental costs of an industrial facility.
With PrOlor you will need to abate odors only when there is a risk that the community around you will be affected.

I want to save on electricity!

The electricity bill will rapidly rise with the use of forced ventilation

Streamline the use of expensive reagents.

"The purchase of chemical reagents increases my expenditure account "

If you know well in advance if there will be an odor incident you can adjust the curve of temperature of your thermal oxidizer.

"I expend many resources on fuel to oxidize my odorous compounds"

Minimize the volume of waste generated only when it is needed.

"I expend much money in waste management to avoid odor complaints"

Extend the service life of your odor control equipments optimizing their use only during the critical moments.

"The maintenance of my equipment is costly"

Avoid the payment of environmental taxes linked to gas emissions of your plant, decreasing the amount of fuel that you burn in your thermal oxidizer.

"I pay many taxes for the emissions"

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