Presented PROLOR in the IV International Conference that took place in Valladolid, Spain

We did not miss the opportunity of the IV International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs Management that took place in Valladolid, Spain. We got a fantastic booth and there we showed a demo to the 152 attendants from around 15 countries who were attending this event during these 2 days. We got to speak with some important partners in the Waste Water Treatment Plant sector, and we showed them how to stop using ventilation systems 24/7 if they are needed just for a few hours a week.  PrOlor helps optimizing the ventilation systems helping to control the carbon footprint of the plants. 

   We all enjoyed a very nice event and we are looking forward to go to another conference to show how PROLOR can help to increase the savings of plants without odour complaints, to increase the revenues of the system and to boost the corporate image

A case study of a rendering plant using PrOlor presented in the Conference NOSE 2016

We were very happy to present a case study of one of our clients in the specialist conference about odour management NOSE 2016. This conference took place in Ischia, Italy in November 2016. This event usually gathers some of the best International experts in odour management. This time we focused our presentation on the operational and economical benefits of using PrOlor in a real industrial plant.

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Prolor presented in a Conference in Gdansk, Poland.

The first International Odour Conference (MKO 2016) was organized by the Environmental Odour Consulting in cooperation with two Polish universities-  Gdansk University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology. This was an initiative taken by some known experts in this field to talk about the odour management and measurement techniques nowadays.  This event took place in Gdansk, Poland between April 18 and April 20, 2016. 

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Presenting paper III Conference Odours in Bilbao 2015

We are presenting a paper of our tool this year in the III Conference of odours that is organizing in Bilbao, Spain. This conference will take place in November and it is the biggest of its kind in Spanish Language.

We will be presenting our results and the new android app that we are developing with a faster and better interface integrated in your android phone.

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Updated version 1.2. Mail alert and forecasting data every 12 hours.

We are very happy to announce that we released the next version 1.2 of PrOlor.

In this case we have been working with the fact that prognostic data should be taken into account not only once but twice a day, this way it is possible to improve the forecasting capabilities with a lesser time span. 

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First World presentation of Prolor in the NOSE 2014 conference in Venice

The Prolor Tool was presented for the first time to the scientific community in the very nice city of Venice, Italy the 16th of September 2014.

See the presentation of the tool here.

Amid a great expectation, the Prolor forecasting software was presented. The scientific community was greatly impressed by the idea of predicting the odour impact in the industry.

New version PrOlor 1.1. The peak to mean issue

We do count on citizen´s complaints to improve our software. Lately, in one of our projects we did realise that sometimes there was a complaint and the software would not record this complaint. There are several factors that may affect to this response, but hey! they are not registering a 1-hour smell but an instant sensation!.

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The Prolor tool will be presented in the next NOSE 2014

Our paper have been finally accepted and it will be presented in the next Conference NOSE 2014.

This event focuses on recent regulatory approaches for the evaluation of odour exposure, on sampling strategies and equipment, and on the main techniques for odor measurement and odor impact assessment (e.g., chemical analyses, dynamic olfactometry, electronic noses, dispersion modeling, etc.). Moreover, another important topic concerns the possibility of direct odour measurement in the field for direct odour exposure assessment or dispersion modeling validation purposes. 

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